Club Comp 2023

Gymnasts can wear any leotard of their choice. Boys can wear T Shirt and Shorts if they prefer. (No Leotards with a skirt attached are permitted)

Competitive gymnasts, there is no need to wear the TJ Comp Leotard, you can where any leotard of your choice.

Hair style is optional, as long as it is tied back neatly and safely and stays in throughout the competition. This includes any boys with long hair.

Unfortunately, the days and times allocated are based on their competition levels, so they must attend at the time allocated on the programme.

Yes, this was mentioned in the event description. This is not a ‘drop & go’ event, parents/guardians must remain on site, plus they are going to be showing you their amazing routines they have been practising so hard for!

There is no need to pay in advance, you can pay cash or card on the door.

No you pay it once per person for both days. You will receive a wrist band to wear all day.

No, there are no limitations on spectators. HOWEVER, there are 50 gymnasts in some of the rounds, and we only have 110 seats, so there may be standing room only.

Yes, photos and videos are permitted but please turn your flash off.

We also ask that the photos and videos you take are not published on social media, unless they do not contain other peoples’ children, or you can blur/crop other children out of the photo. We must respect that everyone does not agree to having their child’s photo published on social media.

There will also be a professional photographer on the day.

Please arrive for your registration time. On arrival, Gymnasts can enter through the main front door (not before their registration time please). Parents need to head to the left-hand side of the building and you will enter through the side door to the spectator area.

PLEASE NOTE: The previous round will need to have cleared before we can allow the next round spectators to enter. So please be prepared to stand outside, and bring an umbrella if raining. Please don’t arrive earlier than your registration time, as you will only have to wait outside.

Please make sure you follow us on Social Media, We will post on there if there is a delay to any of the rounds and what you need to do.

In Gymnastics, children are grouped on their birth year, so they may be in the ‘Age 8’ group but are still only 7 on the competition day if their 8th Birthday is after 20th/21st May this year.

We group gymnasts in their ages at our discretion. Sometimes gymnasts will be in smaller categories than others, Unfortunately this is the nature of all competitions, which depends on the number of children of their age that have entered in the same category as them.

This is your child’s team colour! (Same team as they are in, in their classes all year round)

As well as the competition there is the ‘TJ Hockley Cup’ up for grabs! Gymnasts are already allocated a team, and earn points for their team during their usual sessions. However, on the competition day, all gymnasts scores will contribute to additional points for their team. At the end of the competition, the winning team will be the team with the highest amount of points and will win the Trophy!